White Bull Pathways to Exit 2013


October 7-9, 2013 - Barcelona

"Pathways 2013" will center on the Global Entrepreneur - Building firms with a World View. Even if stepping outside your yard is not your #1 goal, how will you fit on the Global Landscape?

We'll hear from some of the Tech industry's key players - on the "secrets to success," the "value of failure," and rising to meet the challenges of today. As always, our Summit will explore the entire journey - from Foundation to Hyper-Growth Stage, featuring firms at all stages of the business lifecycle, including presentations from this year's Bully Award Finalists.

This is an exclusive event, gathering together the decision makers of European Tech - the Entrepreneurs, the Visionaries, the Leaders, and the Global Investors. There are no Attendees. Only Participants!

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the following information and sign up for our special Early-Bull rate. You will be notified shortly.

All the best from the White Bull Team.


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*Professional Services include: MarCom/PR, Legal, Audit, Executive Search